Reading a Book

About Priming the Pump Publishing Collective

This publishing collective developed out of the desire to create community. With the books we publish and the goods we make, there will be an interactive element, a search for audience if you will. Other times, it's the interactive element with a community that will generate fodder for a book. The idea is to prime the pump of creativity. I would love for you to join us in this journey. If we each bring our trickle of rain, then collectively we become rivers powerful enough to change landscapes.

Also, let's make art and poems. Together let's celebrate, grieve, and everything in between.

Community projects that Priming the Pump Publishing Collective is presenting right now:

Bare (One's) Breast Postcard Project. The idea behind this is to create beautiful postcards that everyone can buy that will raise monies for and promote artists, writers, artisans, creatives, and others in the LBGTQ+ community. The postcard project also will promote our author's book that's forthcoming Fall 2022, bare (one's) breast: prose and other poems, by Renée LaMie. You can purchase a subscription and received 10 new postcards a month. 

Halloween / Revolution Chapbook
Now Available! Poet Renée LaMie flipped the tragedy/levity coin to see how this collection would develop, but the coin landed in the river. The poems seem to be checking if old childhood wounds have healed by scratching away at the surface. A reader could get swept away in this collection's three-act structure narrative. The second act, the confrontation, is an interesting bit of foot work where we take pause in three other poets’ work: Jaya Avendel, Ingrid Wilson, and Constance Bourg. Renée collaborates with each poet, and wonderfully allows us to see the contrasts of each poets’ styles by placing two edited versions of each collaborative poem in the book side by side. These poems will make you laugh and leave you wondering about connective tissue. You may also cry.  

Her chapbook is now available to purchase!