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About Our Authors

This company champions its authors. We are building a publishing company that does better than the status quo in paying its creatives. The standard contract of 10% royalties has NOT been adopted and will never be adopted. We can do better and so can others. 
- Renée LaMie (she, her, hers), publisher & poet -

Renée currently works and plays in Missoula, Montana as a poet, comedian, and artist. She received her BFA in creative writing from New Mexico State University before moving to Minnesota to  pursue an MFA degree in creative writing with an emphasis in poetry. She has always been drawn to the poetry/essay hybrid, calling it a queer form. Her debut poetry hybrid book Unhooked; Bare (one's) breast: prose & other poems is about the pursuit of confession, and how it may transform or stagnate a person's growth. 

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