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Now Available: Halloween / Revolution Chapbook! Poet Renée LaMie flipped the tragedy/levity coin to see how this collection would develop, but the coin landed in the river. The poems seem to be checking if old childhood wounds have healed by scratching away at the surface. A reader could get swept away in this collection's three-act structure narrative. The second act, the confrontation, is an interesting bit of foot work where we take pause in three other poets’ work: Jaya Avendel, Ingrid Wilson, and Constance Bourg. Renée collaborates with each poet, and wonderfully allows us to see the contrasts of each poets’ styles by placing two edited versions of each collaborative poem in the book side by side. These poems will make you laugh and leave you wondering about connective tissue. You may also cry.  

Halloween / Revolution Poems by Renée LaMie

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